Current and Future Work

Current Focus

Defining – Peoples access to human rights and justice, the current focus is –

  • to advance conflict victims right to truth, justice and reparation, and
  • to promote leadership through capacity building, advocacy and networking
  • to mobilise members in the grassroots and lobbying policy debate at the centre to advance bottom up approach of justice debate in the transitional justice process in Nepal

as leading organisation in victims movement – CSJ plays a role of secretariat, also founder, of National Network of Families of Disappeared and National Victims Alliance.


Completed projects

  1. Building Dialogue amongst Nepal victims community supported by Swiss FDFA (9 months)
  2. A victim-led approach to dealing with the past and truth-telling supported by Peace Support Network PSN and Culture for Peace, Germany (6 months)
  3. Re-visiting victims’ needs and understandings of Justice: A participatory action research with conflict victims of Nepal supported by Nepal Transition to Peace NTTP (3 months)